ALP Learning for Agribusiness

We help agribusinesses build knowledge and skills for success

Welcome to ALP Learning

A group of highly experienced professional agribusiness instructors offering face to face or online learning sessions!

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What We Do

We work with agricultural businesses to help them build their knowledge and skills to enable them to work more effectively with major international buyers of their products.

Who We Are

Our experienced trainers and coaches understand the knowledge and skills necessary for success in international agriculture markets.

Our Network

ALP staff work with agribusiness and learning experts throughout the international community to leverage knowledge and experience to help your business succeed!

Learn from Anywhere

ALP Online Agribusiness Learning

We are working to quickly convert our classroom courses into online learning that will be available anywhere, at anytime, to better meet the needs of our learning communities.

Stay tuned as our catalog of courses grows – with courses offered in multiple languages, with more videos and podcasts, and a wide range of other resources to help you build your knowledge and skills.


Our Instructors and Coaches

Our team has extensive experience working with agribusinesses


Designs and develops ALP training materials, serves as an ALP master trainer, and certifies ALP trainers.

ROSEMARY MAHONEY – Cooperative Expert

ALP Instructor/Coach

Expert in nonprofit and cooperative business planning and strategic advising for international cooperative development projects

MAURA SCHWARTZ – Cooperative Expert

English Teacher

Expert in cooperative business, agricultural value chain and international development training.


Graphic Designer

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  • www.ALP-Learning.com
  • info@ALP-Learning.com
  • +1-202-473-1000
  • +90 123 45 68
  • IFC ALP, 2121 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20433 USA +1 (202) 473-1000

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